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Read all the latest news from Gairland, as well as fascinating insights into the history and heritage of some of our buildings and the communities around them. From the historic halls of Braal Castle in Halkirk to the storied streets of Elgin, our history journal dives into the stories of how we used to live, work and thrive.

Early care in the community …

At first glance, Fairview House on the outskirts of Halkirk looks like a fairly contemporary building. The comprehensive refurbishment programme undertaken over the last decade masks the historic significance of the building, which now provides a fine collection of affordable, comfortable residential flats.

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Grim Goings On…

The original Castle at Braal probably dates back to the mid-14th Century and is deeply rooted in the strong Nordic influence that reigned in the

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Close Encounters

It’s hard to imagine just how much today’s High Street has changed over the centuries. From the distinctive arcaded dwellings of the 1600s to the

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Old photo of the St Giles Shopping Centre in Elgin

Are You Being Served?

Who doesn’t just love the delights of a traditional department store?  There’s something for everyone.  These shops dominated town centres across the UK from as

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Bravo House in Elgin

Banking on Us

Similar to Elchies House which formerly stood on the site of the Caledonian Bank (which currently houses one of our serviced business centres) at the

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Vintage map of Elgin

Homes to the Gentry

Moray was prospering in the early 19th Century with wealthy landowners and merchants choosing to build prestigious homes slightly out of the town centre, where

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