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As we slowly emerge from the restraints of the pandemic, everyone is keen to look at the most beneficial way to operate while ensuring that there is good economic sense when making any significant changes.  For new and recently established businesses, creating a commercial presence in a prominent location has become a popular first step in avoiding large overhead costs that come with a traditional office and allowing you to work from wherever you are needed or … maybe more importantly .. where you are most productive.

While the term ‘virtual office’ seems like a reasonably new concept in recent years, the idea of having a central office for global business operations goes back to the 1980’s, when ‘call centres’ began to spring up across the world. The term ‘virtual office’ was apparently first adopted around that time by a businessman in Colorado who was keen to look after his daughter at home while determined to carry on with his business schedules – mainly by telephone in those days!

Fast forward to the 2020’s … the development of tools such as video conferencing, technological advances and specialised mail services has led to the increased usage of the virtual office. There is no doubt that the cornerstone of the virtual office is the address, giving small or remote companies an opportunity to establish a physical presence and give their reputation a real boost.

The workplace is one of the largest cost commitments of any business, so it pays to have flexible access to resources only as and when needed.  In short, today’s virtual office supports you to work remotely, saves you money and helps build credibility.  While being cost-effective, you can enjoy the benefits that come with a traditional office and … some would say the most appealing aspect is that it provides an easy way to enhance your professional image.

Sounding too easy?  Are you looking to set up or develop your existing business?  Why not consider establishing a physical space for your operations, but without committing to renting an actual desk or office.  One small step will give you a more flexible and cheaper alternative than leaping into the stress of large overhead costs.  One of our quality Business Centres here in the heart of Moray could set you up on your business journey.  Let our friendly team at Gairland help you to take this first step.