All-inclusive rent could save your
business nearly £3,000 each year.

Gairland's all-inclusive rent protects your business from nasty surprises and big energy price spikes.

Staying in control of costs is mission-critical for any business. Nasty surprises, random fees, and energy price hikes can seriously derail your cashflow. That is why Gairland offers all of our serviced office space for a single, all-inclusive monthly rate. No more juggling bills or hidden charges – we’ve got you covered. As a Gairland tenant, we take care of all the building blocks you need to make the most from your office. We look after your gas, electricity, Internet, bin collection, and lots more. 

An Average Gairland
Serviced Office

All leases are subject to periodic rent reviews according to the terms of the lease. These costs are based on an office of approx 40m2. We have based our comparative rental rate on a UK average of £20 per m2. Other costs have been calculated using market rate data, assuming an office of 40m2 holds three desks with three people working standard full time hours. The bathroom cleaning costs assume one hour a per week at standard charge of £15 per hour + £135 a year on toilet roll + £50 cleaning supplies. The insurance quote was obtained on 04/05/23 from Direct Line.  The figures above are indicative only and are presented as an estimate. They may go up or down. Gairland does not take responsibility for market fluctuations or other circumstances that may affect these comparisons. 

Gairland pays for the water and waste water costs for the building.

The tenant is responsible for Non Domestic Rates, however most of our serviced offices are under the limit for Small Business Rates Relief.  The tenant is responsible for any costs associated with NDR, for example a local Business Improvement District charge, or contributions towards road drainage that may be charged.

All of our serviced offices are available with an all-inclusive rent. Check out our current stock.

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We’re here to help you find the right space for you, your family, and your business. Our holdings are spread, but focus mainly on residential and commercial projects in Caithness and Moray. Our mission is to create great, natural and enjoyable places. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team, we’d be happy to show you around our spaces. 

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