Are Meeting Rooms on the Come Back?

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by Kay Jackson, Office Manager

I’m sure we all agree that coming together with friends and family is an important part of life. The pandemic seriously impacted our ability to gather safely with others, leading to so many of us being forced to cancel or reschedule meaningful events, such as weddings, parties and family gatherings. But people generally adapted to the situation as best they could with regular family video calls, fun quizzes and even participating in a host of overzealous exercise classes. It worked, but it would never replace that up close and comfortable physical interaction.

Businesses, too, soon became caught up in the realms of ‘Zoom’ and ‘Teams’ with all the convenience of linking people from far and wide, still over that important cup of coffee. While there is no argument that there have been many advantages to these online meetings for businesses to continue operating as efficiently and professionally as possible, there is a universal feeling that face-to-face meetings and conferences are still more beneficial in general networking and having ‘off the agenda’ chats about matters of mutual interest.

Having met the challenge of switching to virtual, businesses are now seriously considering logistically and financially how to blend the best of both worlds by using virtual elements together with in-house meetings. There is, of course, the argument that moving meetings and conferences online can save attendees time and reduce their carbon emissions. This is also a serious consideration. However, the term ‘Zoom fatigue’ is gradually creeping into our vocabulary and while there will always be a place for virtual communications, it is more likely that formulating an effective hybrid meeting policy will bring more advantages in the long run.

There won’t be ‘one policy fits all going’ forward. Certain agendas will require a more intimate meeting where discussion within the confines of four walls will always be necessary. Other matters may only require a quick conversation over virtual means. There is no definitive verdict on which type of meeting is best, but rather you need to determine what works best for your needs. The important thing is to ensure that however you choose to organise your meeting, the main outcome must be that your engagement is as productive as possible.

At Gairland, we are keen to support businesses as they emerge from their own ‘Zoom fatigue’ and begin to come together for those all-important face to face meetings. Our fully kitted out meeting room at Gairland HQ on the eastern outskirts of Elgin is a spacious environment for up to 10 delegates. Our team is on hand to ensure your meeting room needs are covered – including refreshments to keep you focused. A 65” Smart TV will give you the opportunity to link to others who cannot be there in person. Let us help you transition towards a safe, comfortable and productive meeting experience.