Does Your Rent Cover All the Essentials?

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All inclusive commercial rent in Moray

Local businesses could save over £2,000* per year with a Gairland serviced office.

This might just read like another catchy clickbait headline, but research carried out by Gairland has revealed that the average business really could save this much in costs associated with renting per year.

When renting an office, you may have the option of either an inclusive or non-inclusive agreement. This needs to be considered carefully as there are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

But what’s the difference?

A non-inclusive rent means the tenant takes responsibility for the payment of bills on top of the rent. Tenants must arrange and pay for their own utility use, waste collection, cleaning service and internet connection plus they are responsible for any other regular bills for the services they need. This can be time-consuming, leaves you open to making mistakes and ultimately, the extra hassle can outweigh the benefits of this type of lease.

An inclusive rent is one in which the monthly payments a tenant makes also cover a predetermined set of bills. What is included is decided by the landlord and can vary substantially so always be sure to read the T&Cs. Inclusive agreements have become more popular in recent years as tenants look for more transparent pricing and try to avoid hidden costs. 

At Gairland, we include the following at our business centres:

  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Internet service
  • Cleaned, stocked and maintained communal areas and toilets
  • Servicing fire alarms and extinguishers
  • Bins, recycling and waste disposal
  • Boiler servicing


This means as a tenant, you just have one easy payment to make each month. Saving you time and making it easier to plan a budget and stick to it. Leave the extra bills for your landlord to handle so you can focus on what really matters, growing your business.

We have a range of offices available in Moray, from a single desk in our co-working space Together, to offices big enough to fit the whole team. To find out more about our commercial offerings click here or email us at