Elgin’s Industrial History … definitely worth its salt …

There’s no lack of fast flowing rivers in Moray and by the 16th century, watermills were the largest source of motive power. Watermills were established across the country as early as the 12th Century to drive the wheels of industry including sawmilling, grain milling, producing cloth and even grinding ingredients for gunpowder and providing the power for huge bellows to keep furnaces roaring.

Gairland unveils “Chanonry Court” industrial units and offices on A96

Erin Beaton, Gairland’s Letting Manager

Gairland has revealed a £2.5million expansion to its portfolio of commercial properties in Moray.Gairland, which owns and lets a collection of business centres, retail spaces, and hospitality units in the region, unveiled the seven-figure investment following the purchase of Chanonry Court. The multi-million pound deal will see Gairland offer 18 industrial units and warehouses for […]

Hospitality Down the Ages


‘Hospitality’ may feel like a reasonably modern term in the sense of going out to enjoy a drink, a meal or entertainment, but it has its roots firmly in ancient history. During the age of early travel and the development of trade routes across the north of Scotland, local inns offered primitive rooms with stable […]

Banking on Us

Bravo House in Elgin

Similar to Elchies House which formerly stood on the site of the Caledonian Bank (which currently houses one of our serviced business centres) at the west end of the High Street, the 17th Century ‘Braco Banking House’ became home to a well-to-do family, the Duffs, who started the lucrative business of lending money to estate […]

Sophistication Comes to Elgin

A menu from the old Park House Hotel in Elgin

There are still many families who will remember visiting the very stylish Park House Hotel & Restaurant at some point in their lives … that includes one of our team here at Gairland. Coming from a busy farming background, eating out was definitely not a regular occurrence for the family in the 1970s, but she […]

Early Entrepreneurship in Moray

Throughout history, Moray has stimulated a strong sense of entrepreneurship and innovation. People often made their living working for family businesses, many of which were established as a result of Moray’s fertile agricultural land … from food, drink and textiles, Moray has been a manufacturing powerhouse for centuries, with Elgin becoming a strong focal point. […]