Why we changed our name

Written by Gairland


We are a company who renovate old buildings and turn them into productive, modern spaces. Our portfolio includes Park House, a business centre which gets its name from our Victorian forebears. We also own and operate Caledonian House, a business centre named after the old Caledonian Bank which once occupied the space.

And then we have Gairland Interspace in Fochabers. How do you land on a name like that?

After aquiring the old Gordon Innes building in Fochabers, we stumbled upon a bit of a conundrum. Engraved on the exterior, etched into the staircase, and stitched into the carpets, our predecessors had proudly branded their GI logo all over the building. And so the hunt for a name starting with the letter ‘G’ and the letter ‘I’ was on.

We are incredibly proud of our business centre in Fochabers. It boasts spacious and modern offices in an incredibly beautiful part of the world. But, we’ll be honest, we’ve never quite been sold on that name.

Gairland’s recent brand refresh presented us with the perfect opportunity to have another think, and right a small wrong.

So good bye Gairland Interspace, you head scratcher you, and hello ‘Speyside Business Centre‘.


Choosing a new name is no mean feat, especially for an established business.

We wanted to be sure that the new identity for the Fochaber’s property touched on what is most important to us.

We wanted to emphasise Speyside’s prominence as one of Scotland’s breadbaskets – a region which is home to giants of food and drink and a vibrant community of thriving SMEs.

We also wanted to remove any ambiguity. “What is an ‘interspace’,” is a question we got all too often. Our new name hopefully clears up exactly what we do in Fochabers.

Keen to find out more about Speyside Business Centre? Click here.

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