Homes to the Gentry

Vintage map of Elgin

Moray was prospering in the early 19th Century with wealthy landowners and merchants choosing to build prestigious homes slightly out of the town centre, where the increase in banks, shops and hostelries did not constitute a peaceful way of life. The back closes remained home to poorer families trying to make a living as best […]

Early Entrepreneurship in Moray

Throughout history, Moray has stimulated a strong sense of entrepreneurship and innovation. People often made their living working for family businesses, many of which were established as a result of Moray’s fertile agricultural land … from food, drink and textiles, Moray has been a manufacturing powerhouse for centuries, with Elgin becoming a strong focal point. […]

Preserving Our Past

Masonry work at Caledonian House

One way of acknowledging the importance of the past is by preserving historic buildings and structures. It is worth taking care of them for various reasons. They may be an example of a particular style of architecture, or represent a significant era, or a milestone in the town’s history. Keeping this history alive for future […]